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What is Glass EE?

Glass Enterprise Edition (Glass EE) is Google’s world leading computer-based wearable for augmented reality. It is a smart glass running on Android OS, providing a camera and display in the user’s field of view. Glass EE enables wearers to receive and send information while having both hands free. This allows users to be more focused, less distracted and highly efficient compared to traditional solutions. Benefits for the business are: More efficient human resources, a higher quality level and cost-efficient agile work.

Use Cases:

  • Video streaming for remote assistance and reporting
  • Checklist for assembly instructions or quality assurance
  • Image Recognition to pick by vision

3SM is authorized Partner of Glass Enterprise Edition. We offer two kinds of Business Solutions:

Your App on Glass:

As an authorized Glass EE partner, 3SM brings your Android App to the Glass. Save time and expenses by choosing 3SM’s expertise in Android development.

We enable your PoC with Glass:

Together with you, we develop a pioneering Proof of Concept on Glass EE based on your project needs and specifications. Stay competitive in the emerging AR market with our agile workflow.


Our marketing mission is to deliver best solutions for targeted users in eCommerce. We provide several business solutions:

Google Ads for shopping portals
With multiple years of experience in Google Ads (former AdWords) we reach millions of users and deliver targeted traffic to your business.

Google CSS Partner
Use our infrastructure to promote Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) more cost-effectively. We are an authorized CSS partner and enable your business to increase your visibility in Google Shopping and grant access to a dedicated incentive program.

Google Analytics
Get further insights into customer journey and behavior with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio. We will provide deep business insights and recommendations to boost your business.

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